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Watch: 'Unas Veces...' by Amaral
07 July 2017

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Amaral, the biggest Spanish alternative-rock band of the last two decades, is proud to present a new video for the song “Unas Veces Se Gana Y Otras Se Pierde”.

The song has been taken from the second disc of the band’s European release of ‘Nocturnal’, released earlier this year. The first disc features the original album in its entirety, and the second features completely re-recorded, stripped-down versions of 13 of the albums tracks.

Overall, the album will include 23 songs full of beautiful spectral melodies, outstanding epic movements and the amazing voice of Eva, undoubtedly one of the best Spanish female singers ever.

Watch the video here:

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  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 07 July 2017