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Listen: 'Believer/Pretender' by Sons of Bill
20 April 2018

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Central Virginia’s band of brothers, Sons of Bill, have announced the release of their new album 'Oh God Ma'am' on 29 June on Loose. They've also announced European tour dates for August, including a jaunt around the UK.

The first single taken from the album, 'Believer/Pretender' is a "sort of a meditation on continuing to make music in adult life; especially in a superficial cultural and economic climate that continues to devalue the arts". Lead singer James continues: "There is this Chinese finger trap you can get yourself into in adult life where you’re never quite sure which part of you is still genuine and which part of you has learned to fake it-- which part of you plays music just for the love of it, and which part of you just desperately wants to be loved. Especially in an industry town like Nashville where it feels like posturing is half of being an artist."

Listen to 'Believer/Pretender' below (full tour dates after):

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Tour dates - August 2018

Mon 13th - The Hope, Brighton (UK)       
Tues 14th - Omeara, London (UK)             
Weds 15th - Tunnels, Bristol (UK)              
Thurs 16th - Brudenell, Leeds (UK)              
Fri 17th - Broadcast, Glasgow (UK)          
Sat 18th - Soup Kitchen, Manchester (UK)       
Sun 19th - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (UK)
Tues 21 Aug - Blue Shell, Cologne (DE)
Weds 22 Aug - Milia Club, Munich (DE)
Thurs 23 Aug - Musik & Frieden, Berlin (DE)
Fri 24 Aug - Stage Club, Hamburg (DE)
Sat 25 Aug - Once In a Blue Moon Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 20 April 2018