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Onyx & The Red Lips Announce Dates
12 June 2019

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International vocal trio Onyx And The Red Lips have announced a run of dates in support of their latest album “Cinematic”! The outfit are set to appear at the following dates:

June 22nd - Soulac En Musique - Soulac-Sur-Mer, France
June 23rd - The Spice Of Life Soho - London, UK
July 7th - Cahoots Soho - London, UK
July 12th - Avignon Off Festival - Avignon, France
July 19th - Festival De L'ours- Chalon-Sur-Saone, France
August 16th - Etes Sous Les Charmes Festival - Dreux, France
September 15th - Omnibus Theatre - London, U
September 28th - Le Chant Des Pierres Festival - St Jean Des Vignes, France

Onyx & The Red Lips is leading the rebirth of the retro vocal ensemble, backed by soul-shaking folk and evocative, vivid lyrics. Featuring three singers, the band pushes the bounds of swing and pop, drawing inspiration from folk, soul and the Blues. Catchy melodies with strong lyrics reach out to audiences, creating a retro universe with a powerful, feminist flare. The eclectic musical range of the band brings new style to a familiar sound.

Originating as a solo project, Onyx (Floriane Andersen), a singer-songwriter and pianist, met Cherry and Candy during their musical studies at the prestigious Cours Florent performing arts school in Paris. After several shared musical projects, they teamed up to pursue a much grander pursuit. Actresses by trade, each vocalist brings her own, richly colored character to the stage, with a well-honed sense of interpretation and innate awareness of theatrical presentation.

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Focus was placed on building impressive vocal harmonies which give the music its character and which subsequently gave rise to ‘Onyx & The Red Lips’ as an ensemble
Although this singular motif evokes the vocal harmony trios from the 40s and 50s like the "Andrews Sisters" or the “Chordettes”, the band provides a refreshingly modern and uniquely personal take on the fifties world taken straight from monochrome American films.

Enraptured by the groovy tones of a double bass and the jazzy beats of a drum; the music gradually intoxicates its audience with upbeat and captivating melodies, a contagious swing vibe and an emphatically retro and glamorous tone which gives rise to an eclectic composition that pushes euphonic boundaries.

They have already performed at music festivals such as Galeria Biker Bay in Corsica (alongside Henry Padovani), Vogue de Veyrier in Switzerland, and Rock en Stock in Le Touquet. They recently supported Michelle David and the Gospel Sessions and will soon be performing at Festival de l’Ours and Festival Été Sous les Charmes.
  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 12 June 2019