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Watch: 'Survivors' by Danielle de Picciotto
18 August 2019

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'Survivors' is taken from the album 'Deliverance', which speaks of the travelling Danielle's done throughout her life and the state of our world from an eagle's perspective.

Despair and hope lie side by side, mirroring the dark shadows and beauty she has experienced on her journey. Her music is a mixture of spoken word, electronic soundscapes, melancholic violin harmonies, and surreal choirs, moving back and forth from experimental sounds to beautiful melodies managing thus to blend hope and despair into a cosmos of constant flux. Imagine Laurie Anderson dancing with This Mortal Coil in a strange wasteland of dreams and sounds, that is Danielle´s universe. It is one that faces reality and its challenges with mystical, dreamlike wisdom, discovering solutions in unexpected alcoves, offering hope and wonder as an alternative.

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Watch the video for 'Survivors' here:

SURVIVORS from Danielle de Picciotto on Vimeo.

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 18 August 2019