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Vid - Fortnight in Flordia: 'I Can't Wait Forever'
03 October 2019

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Fortnight in Florida channel Nighthawks into their infectious disco-pop on ‘I Can’t Wait Forever’.

‘I Can’t Wait Forever’ is the city at night. A nocturne in blue. It is a story told through the shotgun clap of beats and pulsing synthesisers. A Hammond organ bursts into life with broad brush strokes. The finer points are attended to with guitars, and the low throbbing of a Com Truise style bassline. The speaker and the listener are in Phillies together at 3 AM, in the fall of 50’s Manhattan as black coffee is poured through the hanging pall of cigarette smoke and steam. Rain lashes the sidewalk outside and a neat bourbon sits untouched by the man in the blue suit whose gaze is fixed on some point, beyond our frame or comprehension. He is waiting for her but she no longer lives in the shared dream of the previous night. ‘I Can’t Wait Forever’ is about the hours lost waiting; lost in the myths we create. How can we ever decide which dreams to follow?

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Watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 03 October 2019