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'10 Tales From The Gin Palace'   

-  Label: 'Cargo Records'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '14th February 2014'

Our Rating:
This is the second album by these south London reprobates and features a new line up. Now joining Marc Eden and Dale Hodgkinson are Timo Kaltio, Nigel Mogg, Duncan McKay and Ryan McCormick to make sure this album is brimming with sarf londahn sleaze in the catchiest way possible.

The band comes on like it has a bad case of DT'S raging out of the speakers on Not Guilty! Like the Quireboys meets Hanoi Rocks and leave a dust up with a London Cowboys-style sneer as they try to kick you in the gutter. Bromley Girls is a great sleazy surburban tale of teenage girls coming of age in all the wrong ways set against some super sexy blooze rawk that prefers to remain in the gutter.

The Debt Collector sounds like he comes calling a bit too often. It's bruised and baleful with some monstrous organ solo that sounds like it ought to be enough to pay the debts with, but at best will stop them breaking down the doors to get in. We then end up near the top of a block of flats on one of the more run down estates for some dub-by almost dubstep angst and paranoia on Don't Damn The Hypnotist: a quite brilliantly dark song that I want to hear over and over again to wallow in its misery and mystery.

Quarantined sounds just as despairing as you might be if they have put you in quarantine to get you to go cold turkey as you battle to be allowed to carry on like normal. The Poor Boy Blues are as much a lifestyle statement as statement of intent: poor, disaffected and living for the next crumb of comfort that has some sort of swagger to it to get you hoping the blues will lift soon.

Of course they are Only In It For The Money, but well at this level if they get paid that will be a miracle. She Was Sweet on Me is another drug-crazed bruised story song that sounds like a darker Quireboys meets Faces in an all-night cafe to cut a deal or two.

Cut It Out is a plea for you to change your behaviour as if that's gonna happen. Well when its such great stoned blues rawk as this you might consider it but not until you've been Knocked Sensless as you wake up somewhere you shouldn't be and stagger out to find a cab home to carry on the bad behaviour that got you here in the first place.

This is a really great listen for anyone who likes properly sleazy rawk and roll. Find out more here The Peckham Cowboys Facebook page
  author: simonovitch

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