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Review: 'Maggs, Ben'
'Come As You Are'   

-  Album: 'Come As You Are' -  Label: 'Bear Paw Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '27th November 2015'

Our Rating:
It could have all been so very different. Rip Curl-sponsored band Solace coulda woulda shoulda been huge. But, as bands are wont to do, they split and they failed to realise their potential. It’s such a familiar tale.

Regrouping as a solo artist after a four-year gap, which saw Maggs live an ordinary life with a regular job, Ben began writing songs again in 2009, returning to the public eye with the ‘Let the Light in’ EP in 2012.

And finally, we have his debut album. Fundamentally a set that typifies the field of the acoustic singer-songwriter, Maggs’ greatest achievement is the diversity of his material. From the lilting uptempo folk of ‘The Traveller’s Song’ via ‘Bear Club’, whch draws on elements of contemporary pop and sees Maggs work a more soulful vibe, he pulls it off with aplomb. While many of the songs find him adopting an understated vocal style, it transpires he’s not only versatile but extremely strong and also listenable as a vocalist. The funk-rock workout of ‘Bread of Life’, which offers a hint of Maroon 5, only further demonstrates this.

‘Come As You Are’ is an album that feels like an album and showcases an artist who’s not short on talent, and has a breadth of skills which deserve to see him reach a wide audience.

Ben Maggs Online
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Maggs, Ben - Come As You Are