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Review: 'K, Gintas'

-  Album: 'Low' -  Label: 'Opa Loka Records'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Catalogue No: 'OL16008'

Our Rating:
Gintas K completes a trilogy of albums, consisting of ‘Lovely Banalities’ (Crónica, 2009), ‘Slow’ (Bascaru, 2013), and, finally, ‘Low’. Quite unrelated to David Bowie’s seminal album of the same title, this release continues where its predecessors left off, with its focus on what the artist calls ‘microgranulated textures’, and the ‘deconstruction of melodic elements, and sonic plasticities that are altogether melted into blurred colors of acidulous tonalities and dynamic mixtures of metallic sonic palettes’.

Having spent a lot of time with the minimalist, microtonal works put out on labels like Editions Mego (artists like Mark Fell come to mind in particular), I’ve found that acclimatisation to such exploratory works with a zoomed-in focus requires practice and a degree of patience, and ‘Low’ is no exception. However, I’m probably better equipped to appreciate ‘Low’ than its predecessor three years ago.

It’s an extremely sparse work. The individual tracks are short and self-contained, microcosmic and very much digital.

The album’s longest track, ‘po’, which clocks in at seven and a half minutes, bleeps and whistles – at a pitch attenuated to the hearing of dogs and bats primarily – over a two-note organ sound which shimmers and glides. It’s largely representative, with the album’ eleven tracks combining to sift through the tonalities of the sonic spectrum.

The fact that often, there appears to be very little happening is, arguably, the very point. It’s all about the detail. You need to pay attention.

Gintas K on Bandcamp

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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K, Gintas - Low