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Review: 'LAUCAN'
'Up Tomorrow EP'   

-  Label: 'Sunday Best'
-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '10th March 2017'

Our Rating:
Lewes-raised songwriter Laucan, aka Laurence Galpin, began singing in Buckley-esque falsetto after the break-up of an old band which imploded, he recalls, “while stitching together a 40-minute continuous prog /math rock monstrosity”.

After living for a while in London he retreated from the city to immerse himself on what he describes as “folk music of increasing obscurity”.

He has emerged with a fragile yet assured sound that balances introspective reflections with a worldly air of mystery. DLMA stands for Don’t Love Me Anymore but if he feels bereft he buries his despair within gorgeous melodies.

“Sunlight pours through the doorway, picks out patterns on the floor” he sings on the title track, suggesting that he spends as much time indoors as communing with nature.

Collaborating with Grasscut's Andrew Phillips has clearly helped expand Galpin's insular world. This is demonstrated by four richly textured and classically nuanced songs that bode well for his forthcoming debut album.

Laucan at Soundcloud
  author: Martin Raybould

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LAUCAN - Up Tomorrow EP