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Review: 'Nasty Housewives, The'

-  Label: 'HoloGRAM Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '22nd September 2017'

Our Rating:
It’s a classic fantasy, isn’t it? Yeah, guys love nasty housewives. These nasty housewives, however, are a cut above, comprising as they do Marcella Detroit, Hope Juber (wife of Laurence, who just can’t stop playing The Beatles but found time out to produce the album and play on a few songs), and Roberta Freeman, who’s played with everyone from Pink Floyd and Elton John, to Grace Jones and Lou Reed via Guns n’ Roses.

The trio were also joined in the studio by Denise Fraser who also happens to be Sandra Bernhardt’s drummer and musical director).

And so emerged a project spawned primarily out of a dislike of Donald Trump, and songs with titles like ‘Alternative Facts’, ‘Bowling Green Massacre’, ‘Mar-a-Lago’ and ‘Not My President’ dissect the career to date of the most unpopular and divisive – no to mention potentially dangerous – US president of all time.

The sentiment is laudable, but the execution perhaps not so much, and lyrics like ‘You! You’re overrated / You should be invalidated’ over country-pop tunage really don’t feel like they’re making for an album that’s going to rally the revolution.

Still, America loves its accessible country, and whether or not it’s to my taste isn’t really the pint: this is a 21st century protest album, and captures the voice of dissent – and female dissent in the face of disgraceful misogyny from a world leader – and for that, The Nasty Housewives get my vote.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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