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Review: 'Miraculous Mule'
'Two Tonne Testimony'   

-  Label: 'Muletone Recording Company/Bronzerat'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '24.3.17.'-  Catalogue No: 'MT003'

Our Rating:
This is the second album by perennial Live stalwarts Miraculous Mule who I've seen play some stonking gigs over the years, nice to finally be able to write a review with all the correct song titles in it. If you don't know them already they are balls to the wall blues rock and riff garage rock band of the right kind.

As the Bass riff swells at the beginning of Holy Fever it feels like they have just got everything cranked up and buzzing in the studio and then the guitars let rip and we are off on a holy hell ride of propulsive overdriven blues riff mania full of screaming guitars and the almost street preacher style vocals from Michael J Sheehey and Patrick McCarthy's screamed replies, I hope I have em round the right way! And on the second take to this review listening as on the first one I managed to have Mike Absalom playing underneath it that sort of changed some of the dynamic and it really has an impact to it As they make us all Shake to both the bass and that drum beating us down.

Shave 'em Dry! Is a violent convulsion of and argument set to reverb laden vocals and walls of guitars help to make sure the words are spat in your ears how they should be over the monster rifferama.

We then get the band's latest single The Sound Of The Summer that really should be on everyone's stereo by now a great evocation of the times we live in as good turns riots and chaos complete with a nice laid back feel to it that is pretty funky in places to get you all grooving along to it and as this summer continues to go downhill it really is the song to play every day at the moment.

Where Monsters Lead has some real space monster noises punctuating the built of granite deep stoner rock invocation for change from the monsters who seek to control us for all the wrong reasons. A plea for some positive change for once This tune on one level is really leaning heavily on a Hendrix vibe gone really spacey to help get its point across to make sure not to follow the Monsters that lead us.

Daddy Grace is a tough piece of street preaching garage rock to let us know that Daddy grace will answer if you call his name, go on you know you want to call his name in your darkest hour and no he won't be wearing spandex.

That brings us to the Two Tonne Testimony that makes me have to get up and shake to it, tough to even sit and write as we all sign up the Miraculous Mule Cult of Rawk and Roll as they sell everything they can drugs guns porn etc like he had run a cult peopled to begin with by any of us that had connections to everything that went wrong in Dream City way back then which would mean I joined the cult in 1986 for my sins that were not sins until later.

They Cut We Bleed is a great aggro rock brawl of a song come slasher movie as the idiots in power are sliced apart by raging guitars and the anguished vocals. The Fear is totally keyboard driven Screaming Jay Hawkins gospel garage intensity as he loves you to bits you better believe it.

We Know About Cha is just to make sure that as much as they watch us we watch them and we know what they are up too and yes it's more of the same magic musical formula of pounding garage blues.

The album closes with Blues Uzi (The Reprisal) and it's dark swampy tale of nightmares and ghosts are driving you to drink and despair when after you've taken your shots from the big blues Uzi you really just have to press play again and you soul can still be saved go on do it now.

Find out more at www.miraculousmule.com www.bronzerat.com
  author: simonovitch

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