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-  Label: 'Bureau B'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '6 October 2017'

Our Rating:
It took a lot of listens to get this one and initially I wasn't too fussed but, nah, it's really good!

Moebius (Cluster), and American musicians Story (known for his warm soundscapes) and Leidecker (Negativland) recorded together live in the Rockies somewhere and came up with this fantastic piece of work.

This is very restless and abstract music and I guess that makes it more difficult to get to grips with but great music, it often requires a bit of work on the part of the listener and if you stick with it this album is a rewarding listening experience.

This material was in fact recorded five years ago and since Moebius passed away in 2015 there is perhaps an air of poignancy added to that. It is not until "We Need You In Our Soups" that the tracks stop 'fidgeting' and reveal (and revel) in a sense of calmness, albeit with some darker undertones.

"Block Blow" has a purity all of its own (only Moebius can do this) and if you need an excuse to purchase this album then 15 minutes of "Vexed" should provide it. One more thing, it was only when I played this album loud that I started to click with it.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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