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Review: 'Night Suns, The'
'Human EP'   

-  Genre: 'Rock'

Our Rating:
The night Suns are pitched as alt-rock, but straddle a range of genres, at least on this outing. The EP release may only feature three tracks, but reveals a considerable stylistic range.

First track, ‘Smoke,’ has all the hallmarks of 90s alternative rock, blending elements of fuzzy, gritty UK post-hardcore with a chuggy rock sensibility and some quite ostentatious guitar licks. The lead guitars are sinewy, the vocals elongated and drawly, the bass low down and throbby, but there’s a strong melody that pulls a strong hook, too.

The slowed-down, stripped back intro and verses of ‘My Blood is Cold’ intimate a darker, more nuanced side of the band, but the sneering, drawling vocals on the chorus is more a hybrid of hair metal and the naffer end of grunge that spawned a bunch of mid-range also-rans.

It’s on the title track that The Night Suns really hit their stride: an angular, jangular chorus and reverb hazed goth-tinged post-punk tune with just enough grit and a thumping rhythm section, all make for a rollicking alt-rock tune with an anthemic bent. It’s strong, moving and feels way more epic than its four and a bit minute duration.

It’s keenly apparent that they’ve got some songwriting skills, an impressive musical dexterity, and a definite oomph. It’s not just a promising debut: the 'Human' EP is a real grower, and if this is the only ting they ever release, they’ve left something that ought to make a mark.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Night Suns, The - Human EP