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Review: 'Warren, Richard'

-  Label: 'Hudson Records'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '15th September 2017'

Our Rating:
Richard Warren’s musical career is marked by diversity: he started his career as a member of indie Britpoppers the Hybirds before re-emerging as Echoboy at the turn of the millennium. Stints with Spiritualized, Starsailor and Soulsavers (amongst others) prefaced the beginning of a solo career. ‘Disentangled’ is his fourth album formally as a solo artist, and it’s varied and diverse but cohesive.

‘Only Always’ combines dreamy pop tinged with psychedelia with a motoric Krautrock rhythm, and it’s absorbing in a mellow way. But then there are some jazzy fills in the drumming. The whiplash reverb on a vintage drum machine which opens ‘Silvertown’ reminds me of Dr Mix and The Remix’s cover of ‘I Can’t Control Myself’, but this is nothing so abrasive: in fact, it’s pretty darn mellow.

The reverby 50’s inspired rock ‘n’ roll shuffle of ‘Last Breath’ is perhaps more representative of much of the album’s tone and feel, which is one of vintage without being excessively sentimental (although this is less true of the slow, smoochy country that occupies the mid-section material).

‘Disentangled’ is easy on the ear, and is one of those albums that’s more about craft than grabbing the attention.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Warren, Richard - Disentangled