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Review: 'EL LAGO'

-  Label: 'Miss Champagne Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '4th November 2017'-  Catalogue No: 'MC009'

Our Rating:
This album had to live up to the excitement I felt about getting a CD sent to me from Galveston and my poor singing of that classic song. Sadly, when I stuck the CD into the player, I discovered it was nothing at all like the song about the town.

Instead El Lago is the band led by Lauren Eddy who attempts to make proper lush Texan dream pop. The opening Tentative Threads is a barely there caress of a song that is sparse and slightly bleak. Lauren's vocals are very Lisa Gerrard meets Tracey Thorne and have a mellow quality. You need to turn the lights down low and just chill out while trying to figure out if it's worth listening to.

Into The Clearing, one of the singles on the album, is next and it starts as a whisper before the sparse backing drags them through the forest and into the clearing where they can contemplate whatever has gone down with a stark beauty.

Tell Me How It Ends continues in the same vein and this record really needs something to stand out and jump out at my ears as while it's all ok it's could easily just slip into being background music. Room To Room slows things down a bit and has some nice touches but is still pretty much background music even as she opens up the gates it certainly isn't to either heaven or hell.

Colors (the track) just adds to my sense of ennui listening to this album as it's all ok and while the Bauhaus-esque guitar noises are cool this really is just a touch too bland for me. Underneath sounds like it is designed to be played underneath something very bland on TV. It's wishy washy dream pop.

Devotion which was one of the other singles the band put out and it's slightly less bland but continues at about the same medium place. The vocals at least sound a lot more engaged with the song and what she's trying to do. The album then closes with the ever so slightly more upbeat Dinner Guests: a song that at least has some Jarring elements that kind of grab me a little bit more but for me this album is just a touch too bland to stand out.

  author: simonovitch

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EL LAGO - Colors