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Review: 'Kut, The'
'Mind Games'   

-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '30th March 2018'

Our Rating:
Much as I hate to brag, I did cover – and give a big thumbs up to – The Kut on the release of their debut single in these very virtual pages.

Their rise has been halting at times, but overall, there’s been a strong and clear arc of ascendency which has seen them garner significant backing from ‘Kerrang!’ and myriad other quarters, and they’ve even bagged awards along the way – but make no mistake, it’s their hard-gigging and relentless commitment to getting out there that’s won them a staunch fan-base who’ve funded their debut album. And it’s all because they’re a cracking band, with strong material. Ultimately, there’s no substitute for songs. And The Kut have songs. Killer songs.

Released as a taster for said album, which is out in April, ‘Mind Games’ is a chunky, dark-hued and vaguely-goth-tinged melodic slow-burner. Beginning with a snaking, chorused guitar that’s puremid-80s, it swiftly bursts into a rupture of gutsy overdrive, the big chug providing a beefy backdrop to the lacy detail. And it’s all rounded off with some thumping percussion and strong vocal melody. And it’s all done in three-and-three-quarter minutes, keeping it sharp and to the point. Which is exactly what a single should be.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Kut, The - Mind Games