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Review: 'BOYTOY'
'Night Leaf'   

-  Label: 'Paper Cut/Stolen Body Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '27th April 2018'

Our Rating:
Whether by accident or design this could be a breakout album for both Boytoy and Stolen Body Records. It reeks of summer and I'm not talking cut grass, more like the sticky gum paved streets of 70's New York, Lower East Side.

The first thing I would say about this album is that it reminds me of The Rolling Stones by way of Royal Trux and Jennifer Herrema in particular. It (and the band) has bags of attitude but with a slightly more indie pop feel than those two bands.

The first side of the album flows by like a hot wind. "It's Alright" is a bongo shuffle and would make a great single and is followed by actual single "Mary Anne" which describes the excitement of first lust in a "Exile On Main St" meets Tamla Motown kind of way. In fact, there is not a song on Side A that wouldn't work as a single. "I Get Distant" has a slightly more psych feel to it, "Static Age" reminds me of B52'S and "NY Rip Off" cranks up the glam.

Side B kicks off with "Pretty One" which seems to hire the actual hand of Keith Richards for maximum piratical riffage and maybe both of Charlie's for the drum fills. It is more of a single than all the other singles. The remaining tracks ("Get Off Your Leash", "Juarez", "Want" and "Cool Love") do feel a lot more like album tracks but still with plenty of vibe about them and "Cool Love" is a nice slow one.

So it's a great album which is not to say it couldn't be improved on. The album cover is a bit of a letdown if I'm being honest and the music could have a little more 'colour' around the edges. It might also be sequenced for greater impact for example, swapping the first and last tracks of Side B but who cares about sequencing these days? Still love it.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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BOYTOY - Night Leaf