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'Firm But Fair'   

-  Label: 'Stolen Body'
-  Genre: 'Post-Rock' -  Release Date: '18th May 2018'

Our Rating:
I saw The Brackish once at a gig in Bristol and whilst they were decidedly odd they were nowhere near as odd as the band fronted by a woman sitting on the floor playing a telephone.
Whatever happened to them? Nobody returned her call I guess?

In that sense the name suits them perfectly, slightly salty yeah? They are post-rocky I guess and instrumental which is both brave and interesting. They deal in odd time signatures in a similar vein to a band like Prolapse, from way back in the 90's.

You are never quite sure which way the track might veer but at the same time they are more than capable of locking into a groove and riding it (just not for too long) as exemplified by opener "Firm But Fair". They might seem a bit noodly at times but there is a good deal of improv in the method and this probably rears its ugly head most of all in a live setting.

On wax the length of the tracks still allows for this interplay to shine. "Beermoth" and "Birdman" have more of a psych feel to them as befits a band on Stolen Body. As a whole the album is a lot more melodic than I remember them and "Crypal" showcases this amply. "Bango's Xmas" is pure wonk and at least The Brackish have the decency to put their single right at the very end. "By Monday" is a lovely and delicate way to finish most albums.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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BRACKISH, THE - Firm But Fair