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'In The Lover's Corner'   

-  Label: 'Trouble In Mind'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: 'May 2018'

Our Rating:
Having spent their time since 2016 establishing themselves as one of San Francisco's premier guitar bands, anthemic jangle-pop four-piece The Love-Birds follow up their 2017 four track 7-inch EP “Filled With Hate” with a full length debut album in the form of “In The Lover's Corner”.

The album also represents the band's first offering on Trouble In Mind since their affiliation with local label Empty Cellar Records, who put out their EP, but despite being mastered by Teenage Fanclub's Norman Blake, the album stays true to its roots with album artwork by Shayde Sartin (Fresh & Onlys, Sonny and the Sunsets) and a two part recording completed by Glenn Donaldson (Art Museums, Skygreen Leopards) and Kelley Stoltz.

“In The Lover's Corner” gently lures you in with opening track “Again”, which combines some pleasant acoustic strumming with a first dose of delicious jingling from lead guitarist Eli Wald, who provides the album with a kind of burly Byrds-esque sound that quickly becomes its signature.

The next two tracks “Hit My Head” and “Angela” respectively serve as the group's first two single offerings on the record, and introduce us to a far more lick-driven, fuzzy, power-pop sound.

The album goes on to offer a variety of different moods for its listeners to zone into, whether it be the catchy pop-fection of “December (Get To You)”, the anthemic majesty of “Weak Riff”, or the rapid and raucous rocker that is “River Jordan”, there is almost certainly something that will tickle your ear drum here. Closing number “Failure and Disgrace” manages to sound something like the entire record condensed into a single track, providing a fitting farewell to - though far from an accurate description of - this engaging and triumphant debut.  

There's plenty of nods to their main influences here (Teenage Fanclub, Pavement) but this doesn't stop The Love-Birds succeeding in carving out an identity of their own; one of tuneful, melodic meanderings woven by a combination of memorable guitar licks and jingles, super-cool vocals, and a steady and reliable rhythm section that's always ready to take the sound where it needs to go.

This is a band to fall in love with, to hum and sing along to, and definitely one to expect great things of now that “In The Lover's Corner” has arrived and the The Love-Birds have well and truly landed.
  author: Sean Ferguson

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LOVE BIRDS, THE - In The Lover's Corner