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Review: 'Masiro'
'Geodesics (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '7th September 2018'

Our Rating:
Is Mathprogmetal a thing? According to these guys, it is. And that’s cool: we’re beyond the point where it’s all been done and redefining microgenres Masiro come armed with an eclectic array of touchstones, spanning Meshuggah, Fugazi, At the Drive-In, Primus, and Mars Volta.

From the outset, Masiro bring both the weight and the dynamics: there’s a mathy aspect to ‘Andromeda House’ that’s countered by some driving riffery and bass that’s as chunky as you like. And they pack a lot into just five minutes, and it’s more than just effects – although there’s a fuckload of those, it feels like there’s a lot of energy and none of the proggy / mathiness is so overdone as to mean there’s no flow.

Some cool sax action brings an altogether different dimension to ‘K-Ursa’, although again, it’s the resonant bass – a deep, churning, grating sound – that gives it an edge. There’s a lot more clean guitar work on ’21:15’, which borders on the jazzy in places as it meanders every which way, stopping, starting, twisting and turning.
The semi-ambient intermission marks something of a turning point, after which the two longer closing pieces explore deeply introverted noodling terrain and heads inch perilously close toward sphincters… until half way through ‘End Permian’ when it all goes dark and noisy and the bass gets brutal once more.

There are a lot of extended passages devoted to exploring cyclical motifs and the kineticism creates but an illusory sense of trajectory as the band remain rooted to the spot. But in terms of ideas and musicianship, ‘Geodesics’ has a lot going for it.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Masiro - Geodesics (EP)