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Review: 'The Special Pillow'
'Sleeping Weird'   

-  Label: 'Zofko'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '27.7.18.'-  Catalogue No: 'ZK7'

Our Rating:
No I won't be telling anyone to go grab The Special Pillow as that makes me sound like a pervy old man and if you think I'm asking you anything about sleeping weird after using the Special Pillow well I really don't think so add in a reference in the first paragraph of the press release to the most boring band I've ever seen live covering this band and I was worried before I even played it.

They are apparently a well- kept secret of a decades old band from the main man in Hypnolovewheel and assorted other muso's. Thankfully from the opening very short blast of Gilded Shrug they are a cool indie band who plays the sort of stuff that used to be played on college radio, and might still do if it exists.

The addition of Katie Gentle who shared the vocals on A Billion Years Ago makes it sound like the Vaselines whose products mustn't be used with the special pillow before we get to the epic Flaming Skull that sounds like The Miracle 3 freaking out a great raw guitar blast that's well worth hearing.

Catch Your Breath has a lazy funk riff that just well lets you pant along with that Special Pillow before Her Dogs get you running around or is it running away from that Special Pillow and all it implies as she sings about still loving her dogs now that they are older damn that's a bad thought how old were they.

Well not old enough for the Cryogenic Tomb that sounds like a Viva Saturn out-take that morphs into Silo's territory on the violin led slow freakout that is cool and also sounds like they might have heard a crystallized movement's album for this nice smoke filled icy tune.

Thought Bubble re-purposes one of those riffs that The Nightingales endlessly re-work although this is less obtuse and lighter than that the only worry is what's in that Thought Bubble while your holding that Special Pillow as it leads into the album's title track Sleeping Weird that goes back to Velvets meets the Miracle 3 indie rock with buzzing in the ears and all those strange thoughts as it breaks down into a rework of Angel In The Morning for the second half of the song that feels like a come down.

My Exes Live In Vortexes is a cool violin led interlude that leads into Hudson River Dreamboat that has a cool brass section to make is sound like they are the house band on a pleasure boat on the river while the song sounds very familiar and well worth hearing.

The album closes with Paleolithic Axe which is something you might want to use on the next person who tells you to get the Special Pillow as the Bass drums set up the atmosphere to the carnage that's going to unfold downtown as the grunting comes to its conclusion that the band's name hampers them as it makes it far too easy to pun about what could be a really good college rock album.

Find out more at www.specialpillow.com I promise the site is real and not for over 18's only.
  author: simonovitch

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