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Review: 'Lydia Lunch and Weasel Walters Brutal Measures'
'with Woolf live at Cafe Oto Dalston'   

-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '14.8.18.'

Our Rating:
In any month other than August Woolf would easily be one of the angriest bands I see, but in a month like this where they are the 54th band of the month the bands singer is only the fourth angriest female singer I've seen this month and Lydia Lunch is only in Third place which is quite surprising but then you'll have to go some to be angrier live than Olga from the Svetlana's and Mery From Grippers was just so incandescent with rage to be unreal.

So that all said Woolf are a queercore punk band who sound from the off a lot like Glenn Branca's Theoretical Girls only with real women and not men that get called girls. They also remind me a lot of Band Of Susans and as they don't introduce most of the songs I have no idea what the songs are called but the lead singer is wailing and screaming at us that we should stop talking to her as she's no listening as we don't matter as if she is telling an abuser to go get a life and leave her to have the life she wants its powerful and grips everyone in Cafe Oto.

The bands Stand Up drummer has obviously listened to Moe Tucker a lot and her drumming really propels them on songs that sound like Big Black being flattened by Bikini Kill on a racetrack as the songs are all short sharp blasts of angry energy they close with a song that strips back Kevin Coyne's Witch to it's very essence as they shout and caterwaul Witch at us as the drums pummel us towards the oblivion the guitars are raging towards it's a great close to a very cool set. Woolf are well worth seeing live and miles better than the last support Lydia had at Cafe Oto.

After the break it was time for Weasel Walter and Lydia Lunch to once more unleash there Brutal Measures onto a packed crowd it opens with Weasel playing a monster drum solo with all sorts of samples and noises triggered from the machines he also has with him before Lydia starts to howl at us about the Last Man Standing as the drums die away and this show is poetry with drum solo interludes the next one feels like the drums of doom are pummelling our brains.

Lydia is then questioning the nature or Rebellion and will we ever really rebel against the system as the drums sound like the walls are collapsing in on us in this Our Time Of Dying that has been radically re-worked to fit the even more dystopian times we now live in as the drums call for the destruction of the machine.

Lydia rails against all sorts of useless men as she thinks we have 30 days to live or is it 30 hours or 30 minute or 30 seconds as the time ticks down to the end of another harsh blast of Brutal Measures and Weasel Walter finishes things off with one more powerhouse drum display to leave us calling for an unlikely encore. A very cool set and Brutal Measures are well worth catching as will be the return of Big Sexy Noise later in the year.
  author: simonovitch

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