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Review: 'Climax'   

Director: 'Gaspar Noe' Writen By: 'Gaspar Noe'
-  Starring: 'Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic, Souheila Yacoub'

-  Genre: 'Drama' -  Release Date: '21.9.18.'

Our Rating:
Climax is the latest film by French auteur Gaspar Noe and in keeping with his reputation and previous films this isn't for anyone with a weak stomach or who is easily offended.

The film takes place in one location an old school where a dance troupe has been rehearsing before going on tour in France and the USA and is about the after-party at the end of the rehearsals where someone spikes the Sangria with LSD.

The film doesn't follow a straight timeline or normal parameters for how to shoot dance scenes so that you end up feeling like you're tripping your nuts off with them on the bad trip they are on while watching the kinetic dance moves and screen tests and the chit chat between the dancers as they get ever more out of it.

There is a real sense of dislocation as the pumping dance music never gives up throughout the film even when it's mixed in with all sorts of other odd noises and the very disquieting treatment of the dance instructors son that help to make the film a total derangement of the senses.

As I ogled the super sexy dance moves from above below and all of other angles and tried to figure out who had done what exactly it just kept pounding away at us as we tried not to freak out at what was happening on screen as it took us round the crumbling venue that felt like being at an old school warehouse party and totally out of it.

This is not a film to be watched sober even as it makes me certain that it's never a good idea to spike anyone's drinks. It also needs to be seen on a big screen with good sound to really make you feel like you're in the midst of all the madness.

So if this sounds up your street get along to a late night screening after a drink or two and whatever else will help you through the film and let Gaspar Noe and his crew of young French dancers fry your mind and assault your senses as you wonder just what will happen next. It also left me wanting to see the show they were actually rehearsing for as it looked like it would a great watch.

  author: simonovitch

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