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Review: 'Flying Disk'

-  Label: 'Scatti Vorticosi Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock'

Our Rating:
With just 8 tracks and none longer than 3’45”, ‘Urgency’ is a brief album. And that’s ok. Better than ok. An album entitled ‘Urgency’ shouldn’t drag on for an hour and a quarter. So, yes, kudos for delivering on the promise of the title to the trio who, apparently, are ‘one of Italy’s most dynamic musical exports’.

They proffer ‘Urgency’ as ‘their latest compendium of noise rock, stoner, alternative and metal’. And it all sounds horribly confused and unfocussed on paper. The reality isn’t nearly so bad: ‘Urgency’ is solid, succinctly, and packs in some killer choruses alongside some chunky guitars and even chunkier bass grooves.

According to their bio, ‘Flying Disk were born in 2010 in Fossano (CN), a little town in the North-West of Italy. Originally a three-piece formed by Simone Calvo, Mattia Fenoglio and Luca Mauro, the band soon abandoned their punk rock roots and a minimalistic approach and expanded their sound to include more layered and textural guitar work.’

There are still some strong ties to punk here on ‘Urgency’, but then again, it’s an album that’s pretty wide-ranging in scope and mode of delivery. ‘On the Run’ drives forward with a thumping, chunky bassline before ‘Straight’ ups the pace and level of attack another notch. Elsewhere, the bassline to ‘Hammer’ is pure Nirvana – like ‘Breed’ played in the style of ‘Bleach’.

Nirvana certainly seem to be a core reference point for the band. And that’s cool. It’s when they veer into lively but banal emo-slanted poppy punk, as they do on ‘Young Lizard’ that it’s hard to remain patient. The clean vocals at times feel a bit at odds with the solid, grungy instrumentation, but then, they’re far from weak.

This is a fair summary of the album as a whole: there’s enough melody and distinguishable choruses to render it accessible, and they show a keen knack for doing the alternating quiet / loud / clean / overdriven thing, and in all, ‘Urgency’ is satisfying despite its brevity.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Flying Disk - Urgency