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Review: 'Vlimmer'

-  Label: 'Black Jack illuminist records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '17.7.20.'

Our Rating:
This is parts 16 & 17 of German Darkwave Goth Electro producer Vlimmers 18 ep, long form, Goth opera or long form story about the eternal struggle for the meaning of life, that he's been putting out regularly since November 2015, having not heard the other 15 previous EP's and having limited German language skills I can't comment on how it fits in with the rest of the piece or what the lyrics are about other than the explanations in the press release.

They explain that this is about a fever dream where the central character is arrested tried and convicted of Murder and ends up in a cell waiting to be beheaded. If you buy the physical release of these ep's they come presented in Wooden Boxes with Vlimmers emblem on the boxes. Of course the roman numerals for 16 and 17 really ought to be XVI and XVII but that's just the latin pedant in me speaking.

This installment opens with Perplexitat a very keyboard/synth led gothic tune that feels like the darker end of The Cure combined with some 80's electro sort of a bit Das Ich.
Schwanenhals is dense atmospheric doom industrial soundtrack to a dystopian nightmare as if it's made for what we are currently living through with an almost tolling of the coming dread sort of sound, that keeps repeating and building the sense of foreboding.

Lebenswert again is reminiscent of The Cure but not as dark as the opening song and this really for me revolves around the bass line and what it does, this feels quite poppy even if the German lyrics are probably not poppy at all.

Taubheit has a keyboard sound that's very Hans Lundin combined with more of a motoric beat that feels a little bit D.A.F. it also feels rather dramatic.

Kopfkante sounds a lot like Oomph! circa Unrein with some hints of the better bits of Clan Of Xymox this would certainly sound good on the dancefloor.

Schattenerde has tribal drumming in a sparse atmospheric setting like he's thinking what to say in his final speech with a dreamy sense of impending doom.

Ausdehnung is a very slow walk to the guillotine with portentous dark dank synth against the pained sad vocals.

Falter feels more upbeat and almost poppy like they have emerged from a forest into a wide open space.

Zwischenkorper is the desperate last moments before you put your head on the chopping block with regular nasty noise interjections whooshing by like the blade flying through the air, dread and despair with electro flourishes building towards a messy ending.

Farbenquell that ends this ep is apparently is the soundtrack to the blood spurting from the victims neck stump and the head hitting the ground, as you'd expect it's dark and funereal with screaming sounds that's not as desperate as it might be, this almost feels like the witnesses are standing looking at what's happened and feeling pangs of guilt for what they have done, no matter what the convicted man had done himself.

Find out more at https://blackjackilluministrecords.bandcamp.com/album/xiiiiii-xiiiiiii-16-17 https://www.facebook.com/VlimmerMusic/
  author: simonovitch

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