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Review: 'Sharples, Shem'
'It’s Your Fault'   

-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '14th August 2020'

Our Rating:
‘It’s Your Fault’ is lifted from Shem Sharples’ upcoming album ‘Strange Sounds from The Wreckage’, and promises a ‘punchy treat’ that’s ‘an ode to the perils of being in love and the vulnerability of heartbreak’ where ‘Shem narrates a familiar tale of self-denial and blame away from oneself, placing the fault onto the other person, “I’ve been shot and it’s your fault again,” but where does the blame truly lie?’

‘It’s Your Fault’ is punchy in that it’s short and to the point, i.e. under three-and-a-half minutes. It’s folk in that it’s an acoustic track, but Shem plays with real attack, and his vocals are ragged, raw, real: this isn’t pleasant, easy, strummy street-corner busking or pub folk: this is grainy, real-life. It’s not pretty, and it’s cool but tough to take in the unpleasantness or the unflinching truth of the narrator’s perspective. But if you can’t handle the truth, you can’t handle Shem Sharples.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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