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Review: 'Tolouse Low Trax'
'Jumping Dead Leafs'   

-  Label: 'Bureau B'
-  Genre: 'Dance' -  Release Date: '11.9.20.'

Our Rating:
This is the fourth album by Detlef Weinrich's solo project outside of his work with Kreidler and Tolouse Low Trax are minimal techno, at times drum and bass, made using very old school synths, a mixer and a few equally old school effects and a boatload of ideas.

The album starts with what sounds like a loop and a few whispered words at the start of Inverted Sea as if you're sitting deep beneath the waves hearing the pulsing waters above you and the minimal percussion like waves splashing on the beach. It feels like it was made for the chill out room of a very dark twisted nightclub.

Berrytone Souvenir has buried vocals over a sparse drum pattern and bleeping sounds as well as what sounds like an ocarina or something similar so you can freak out to this minimal techno it makes me want to move to it.

The Incomprehensible Image is slow and ponderous with a synth that sounds like it's mimicking a didgeridoo in places, while this feels like a slow march towards some awful fate and that's before the Physicist comes in on vocals to tell us that The Divine Comedy is his favorite book, the vocals have a similar effect to the vocal sample on Little Fluffy Clouds.

The albums title track Jumping Dead Leafs almost feels like crickets chirping against Mantronix style synth stabs and vocal interjections going Sexy and other things over the low rumbling drums loops.

Milk In Water could be the soundtrack to making some very wishy washy tea, but feels far too dislocated for that, it's inventive as the repeating core feels like the repetitive nature of people regularly pouring milk into water alongside tea and coffee or hot chocolate and this is more likely a milky chai than anything.

Dawn Is Temporal is the song to have on as dawn breaks at an outdoor trance festival as the sun comes up on the beach and everyone starts shaking together as the sun slowly peaks above the horizon and everyone seems to be peaking together in unity shaking along in time to the mesmeric beat as the bass hits at their very core's as the light becomes apparent the vocal interjections feeling like they have floated across the crowd who all nod along and agree with the sentiments.

Pulse Skit is 45 seconds of pulse and noises that sounds a lot like This Heat's similar short testcard pieces.

Sales Pitch doesn't sound like it will be advertising a bank, but who knows as we live in days when Money Supermarket sponsors showings of films like Nico 88, anything's possible, as the sparse percussion and synth stabs slowly build to get you taking out that loan or buying that Audi you always wanted, as the percussion report noises signal it's time to go to Lidl's and buy some Bavarian beer or even better just go out and buy this album as the lowing sounds like ancient horns pull you to click on the link http://www.bureau-b.com/releases.php and buy this album now!! You know you need it, click the link https://www.facebook.com/TOLOUSE-LOW-TRAX-252370514818268/ buy it now!! From Bureau B or Tapete you know you want to.
  author: simonovitch

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