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Review: 'Eliza Jaye'
'Middle Child'   

-  Label: 'C.R.A.F.T. Pop'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '18.9.20.'

Our Rating:
This is Eliza Jaye's second album and it is unfortunately being released Posthumously as Eliza succumbed to Cancer in February at only 43 years old. Eliza was originally from Australia and had been based in and around Brighton. She was also a member of The Moulettes for a couple of years, a fact that should make you want to hear this album by itself.

The album opens with Sugar Cane a tender and gently intoxicating song of love and attraction that slowly builds as it draws the listener in and may make you want to hug your nearest and dearest.

Run Like The Nile is far more feisty with echoes of PJ Harvey coupled with the sass of Miki Berenyi as she tells us why you need to be running away as this song sounds like it would dove-tail nicely with Lone Justice's East Of Eden.

Tenderness is a harpsichord led gentle plea for Tenderness with breathy vocals carefully enunciated to make sure you go weak at her every suggestion and your heart will flutter at every whooshing sound the theremin makes.

Deja Vu continues in a slow late night way careful and considered it has a sheen of real beauty and feels intoxicating as she invokes the spirits that have led you to meeting once more.

My Sunrise should probably be listened too while watching the sun rise while sitting on a beach before tottering off to sleep the day away lulled into a peaceful rest by the violins.

Espionage is more upbeat even if the subject matter is downbeat this has a sense of urgency and shows a good level of understanding the tangled web, that is the spy game, as her baby gets in trouble with the MI5, it's very rare anyone can sing a word like espionage and make it sound sexy but Eliza's vocals certainly have that essence in them.

I Do is a gently Insistent song that lays out why she would say I do to what's being proposed with very soulful vocals intertwining with the violin to keep us all a flutter.

Orchid is a delicate as the flower itself and slowly but surely blooms into something fantastic once the very laid-back percussion comes in.

The Desert is a spare rumination similar to Evi Vines early songs and is full of love and questions about the motivations for love as you count the stars together.

The album closes with the very fragile sounding Take The Time which is a plea for a slow approach from a singer who clearly didn't have lots of time left, making it all the more poignant in the circumstances and a very cool way to close a beautiful album that is freighted with sadness that she has gone this soon as she ends the album toasting to happiness.

Find out more at https://elizajaye.co.uk/#middle-child
  author: simonovitch

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