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Review: 'The Plastic Pals'
'It Could be So Easy, Free And fine'   

-  Label: 'Polythene Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '6.11.20.'-  Catalogue No: 'Polythene012'

Our Rating:
This Ep is being released to celebrate 15 years since The Plastic Pals formed in Stockholm Sweden, it was originally due to be released earlier in the year but well like everything great this year it got delayed somewhat. If you have missed The Plastic Pals over the last 15 years they have built a solid reputation for dazzling live shows with great guitar interplay as they meld influences from Television to The Dream Syndicate to working with long term hero Chris Cacavas from Green On Red. As ever the artwork features a great photo taken by the bands bass player Bengt Alm taken in New York during one of the band American tours.

The ep opens with what if it had been on the bands debut album would have been there theme song yes Plastic Pal opens things up in the bands normal style bursting out of the speakers as they tell us how much fun they are to be with, and having met them several times over the years the description is accurate as the guitars mesh and sends sparks across the room as this sophisticated rock song unfolds.

If Love Should Call slows things down somewhat and is more reflective and slightly downbeat but not downtrodden look at the yearning need for some love and affection this sounds bruised in the same way that Steve Earle's slower songs often are.

Hangin' In The Louvre sounds like a good idea for a date as Hawk Soold explains what they want to do while Hangin' in that magnificent gallery with you over a great slice of upbeat psyche-pop.

The Ep closes with More Than An Icon that is a lovely tribute to a friend who should be more than they are, it's just about working out how to be come More Than An Icon this has some cool backing vocals from Jenny Roos as well as some really great intricate guitar playing that will keep all of us now long term fans happy.

Find out more at www.theplasticpals.se facebook.com/theplasticpals
  author: simonovitch

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