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Review: 'Verneblung'
'Ready To Drown'   

-  Label: 'Black Jack Illuminist Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '25.6.21.'

Our Rating:
Verneblung are a new Death wave duo from the outskirts of Koln, with Nadin Klein on vocals and Adnan Abbas providing the synth wave soundscapes. The album is out on both CD and Cassette.

The album opens with the deep bass synth sounds of Ich Sehe Nichts a slow electro song with Nadin's sonorous quite deadpan vocals making this sound rather atmospheric and dark.

Zeit Zu Staub is a slowly pulsing beat for Nadin to sing over as the music goes very late 80's Das Ich this is moody with a dark brooding presence.

Ready To Drown is the first English language song so I can understand the lyrics, on another doom laden dark song the tonal elements of what the synths are doing evoke the darkness, as the water envelops you, and in the middle of a summer with high figures for people drowning in the floods or wild water swimming this is timely, as the crystalline vocals evoke the smell of rotting flesh as it's pulled from the water.

Ich Kenn Mich Selber Nicht keeps the doomy drowning in the darkness feel as the bass notes reverberate around the room and Nadin reminds me of Rose Berlin from Spc Eco but without any autotune.

Cracked Puppet has a deep dub style bass that is the first part of this album that's anywhere near close to the re-issues of super obscure Koln band Dunkelziffer who I reviewed earlier this week. Only this has slightly odd bell sounds and a skittery sound that work around the slowly enunciated lyrics this is slow careful and deeply troubling and in tune with the current state of the world in the last couple of years as we all crack and fall to pieces.

Immer Dan while starting slow and carefully sounds like it could easily be re-mixed into an Oomph! Style floor filler rather than a song to hold your dearest tight too while you both sway along with it.

Ich Der Wal has the most pained sounding vocal on the album as your wrapped in the dark encompassing synths and the insistent drum machine keeps that super steady beat.

The album closes with Free Me that seeks a little redemption from all the death and darkness surrounding us, this is a stirring song that keeps with Verneblungs slow dark sound that feels very now.

Find out more at https://blackjackilluministrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ready-to-drown

  author: simonovitch

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