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Review: 'Weimar'
'The Girls Of LA'   

-  Label: 'German Sheperd Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '22.3.22.'

Our Rating:
The Girls Of LA is the first single off of Manchester based Indie Rock band Weimar's album Dancing On A Volcano that's due out at the end of June. The single is produced by Adam Crossley and Chris Guest at Vibratone Sound studios in Manchester.

The a-side of this single The Girls Of LA sounds like the sort of spiky indie college rock that Trouser Press magazine would have been frothing over, it's super catchy, a little droll and in some ways is influenced by Frank Zappa's Valley Girls, as this tale of the bottle girls working the bars on Sunset Strip flies by without all the comedy in the Zappa song.

The B-side is Transatlantic Confusion that's a much more standard anorak indie song with vocals that sound like a sober Mark E Smith, it still has plenty of sneer though and lyrics you'll need to hear a few times to get everything going on in this song, to not be too confused as the guitars jangle away effortlessly.

Find out more at https://weimarbanduk.com/product/the-girls-of-la/ https://weimarband.bandcamp.com/album/the-girls-of-la https://www.facebook.com/WeimarTheBand

  author: simonovitch

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