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'Movin' On'   

-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '2005'

Our Rating:
Singer/songwriter Tim Bertulli (http://www.timbertulli.com) is a little bit country and a whole lotta rock & roll.

You can hear the rock, solid as boulders, in his husky delivery. From the black-and-white, no-frills album cover, I was expecting somebody with a more quiet vocal approach, which certainly fits into what the market is seeking these days. But Bertulli isn't about commercialism. On "Movin' On," Bertulli combines the best of country and Album-Oriented Rock with no concessions to MTV or pop radio. Screw them.

This is meat-and-potatoes rock served up with no studio gloss and no apologies, either. Imagine what Bruce Springsteen would've sounded like if he had a jones for classic country. The rootsy aspects of Bertulli's songs will most likely label him as "Americana," which is ironic since he's Canadian.

"My Own Way" introduces Bertulli with some engaging country rock guitar. Oddly enough, he sounds like he's actually backed by a tight rhythm section when in fact he played all of the instruments here. Pretty amazing.

Bertulli's tunes have a fierce independent spirit. This is a man who can stand on his own two feet, no matter what aches the world puts on his shoulders. The kiss-off "Don't Wanna See You" summarizes his show of strength. The lyrics are easily understandable and relatable.
  author: Adam Harrington

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