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'Better Part of Me'   

-  Label: 'Cadillac Records'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '2006'

Our Rating:
Singer/songwriter Brenda David (http://www.brendadavid.com) isn't content to stay within the framework of one genre. On "Better Part of Me," she wears several different hats yet manages to produce a consistently good and emotionally stirring record.

Thankfully, David's eclecticism doesn't turn the record into an unfocused mess; the stylistic detours (for the lack of a better term - David can't be categorized) add distinct flavors to the album intead of suggesting a short attention span. David begins the record with the jazzy shuffle of the title track in which Latin rhythms and some wonderfully pretty acoustic guitars complement the icy coolness of her voice. It has a breezy air that sweeps the rest of the CD.

However, right after that David plunges into '80s soft rock with "Second Chance"; its upbeat MOR pop would've made it a hit on Adult Contemporary radio stations circa 1983, especially with those sugar-sweetened keyboards. It's among my favourite songs on the LP simply because of the innocent time period it reflects.    

But, as I mentioned in the start, David never sticks to one genre as she explores country music on "Call Your Name" and "I'll Be the One"; Adult Album Alternative on "When I'm Gone" and "Come In From the Rain"; and even world music on "Behind the Veil," a powerful song that blasts how women are treated in the Muslim world. Illuminated by sitars and violins, "Behind the Veil" is a striking artistic as well as eye-opening social statement.
  author: Adam Harrington

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DAVID, BRENDA - Better Part of Me