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'Soul Theory...'   

-  Label: 'Soul Spot Music'
-  Genre: 'Soul' -  Release Date: '2007'

Our Rating:
By the time I hit "Complicated," with Zanya Laurence (http://www.zanyamusic.com) cooing in a most heavenly fashion, there was no turning back. It meant that this would be a record that I would continue to return to, to drink from its waters again and again.

Laurence is a young talent with an obvious affection for classy, soulful artists such as Alicia Keys and the disappearing act known as Lauryn Hill. But Laurence holds her own, blessed with a rich, sultry voice that is no pale imitation of her idols. Best yet, she is remarkably disciplined; she doesn't attempt to sing outside of her range. However, the real strength of an artist is really judged from their songs. We have already established that Laurence can sing, and she can definitely do that well. But what about the tunes? Are they memorable or engaging?


"Down & Out" and "A Long Road" pulsate with a throbbing beat that only a strong, confident voice can create an emotional impact with. And, sure enough, Laurence does; her vocals not only capture the feelings of the lyrics but the groove of the music as well. She makes it sound so easy, and it's soothing sailing for the ears. The glowing "Sunday" is carried by jazzy textures and soaring vocals. "Sunday" is already worth the price of admission alone; fortunately, there are 15 more to seek delight from.
  author: Adam Harrington

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LAURENCE, ZANYA - Soul Theory...