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'Take A Chance'   

-  Album: 'The Comfort Zone'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: 'September 2010'

Our Rating:
Take a chance on Laura Comfort

Some people think todays radios are saturated with coverage of solo female artists belting out pop tunes.....to them I would say take a chance with Laura Comfort, with her flair and musical talent, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Laura Comfort brings to pop a much needed freshness and charm, with insightful yet catchy vocals, beautiful melodies and acoustic undertones: a much needed re-fresh that our electro-flooded radios need. In her new release, 'The Comfort Zone', Lauras voice resonates through the upbeat tempo of the first track, Take a Chance. The music is fun and easy listening, and yet offers an acoustic resonance and lasting impact that many solo artists strive to, yet fail to, achieve.

The entire album has a sultry ambience to it, with thoughtful lyrics complementing the fun and youthful quality that Laura herself exudes.

For more information on Laura Comfort, and to see her video for Take a Chance you can check out her website:

  author: Urbanmistress

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COMFORT, LAURA - Take A Chance