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Review: 'Angel'

-  Album: '26000' -  Label: 'Editions Mego'
-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '27th September 2011'-  Catalogue No: 'eMEGO 127'

Our Rating:
This isn't ambient: this is industrial ambient, and man, it's ugly. Crackling, tearing distortion grates at the listener's ears, and continue to blast through the erratic waves of gurgles and groans, rumbles and drones, making it impossible to settle or ever get comfortable. Sonorous strings swoop and scrape, twisting and mutating from chords to discords. Huge celestial turbine-driven engines throb, powering the dark, all-engulfing sound. These are engines of destruction, powering astronomical blasts of sonic annihilation.

Elsewhere, tin cans, steel and tribal drums rain down like war; subterranean quakes shudder cavernously, rattling abandoned computer terminals that crackle and shower sparks into the darkness... it's the sound of technology degrading as the ground reclaims it and sinister, unknown life-forms emerge from the recesses, between the cracks...

The fifth and final track, 'Paradigm Shift' spans a full nineteen minutes and is an entity unto itself; a dead planet, spinning light years from the next, a dark, pulsating orb of slow drones that stretch into eternity. '26000' may be dark, other-wordly and unsettling, but it's also compelling and powerful.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Angel - 26000