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'PISCINE (7" vinyl/ download)'   

-  Label: 'DOMINO'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: 'November 2011'-  Catalogue No: 'RUG431'

Our Rating:
 New single no 8
FRANCOIS & THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS are Domino’s latest signing, and this is their first release for the label. The band is a quartet comprising Francois, Amaury Ranger, Pierre, and Gerald Black. Francois moved from Bordeaux to Bristol in 2003 and has become a firm fixture on the Bristol music scene. The music blends piano and synth melodies with tribal percussion, and is quite inventive.
There are two tracks on the single. The first ‘Piscine’ (Pool) uses keyboards to create a subtle melody that worms its way under the skin of the listener, the only drawback is the lack of printed lyrics, with this track sung in French, a helping hand would have been appreciated, however this rolls along in the sort of laid back fashion that serge Gainsbourg made a career out of.
The other track on the single, ‘Ruins’, is guitar based and again is infectious with its easy going country style.
Currently touring Europe as I write, their next UK gig is in London on the 25th January 2012. The band’s next album ‘E Volo Love’ will be released in the UK in January and on the strength of this single is worth checking out.   

Domino Records online
  author: Nick Browne

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