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Dean & Britta release Warhol Screen test album
26 May 2010

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DEAN & BRITA are set to release a limited edition double-CD package - "13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests" - on 9th August. This project was initially commissioned by the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. DEAN & BRITA created thirteen songs and instrumentals to perform live in a multimedia show, with Andy Warhol's Screen Tests projected on a large screen above the band as they play. The screen tests are short, silent portrait films made by Warhol at the Factory between 1964 and 1966 -- of actors, dancers, artists, and Factory regulars. Each film is 4:15 in length. Dean & Britta selected thirteen subjects (including Dennis Hopper, Nico, Lou Reed) and recorded eight songs and five instrumentals for them.

These are original studio recordings, produced by DEAN & BRITA, with additional remixes by SCOTT HARDKISS, Sonic Boom (SPACEMEN 3, MGMT) and MY ROBOT FRIEND. Songs are a mix of originals and covers - including BOB DYLAN's "I'll Keep It With Mine" and THE VELVET UNDERGROUND's "Not a Young Man Anymore."

DEAN & BRITA have been touring "13 Most Beautiful" for eighteen months, have now played fifty shows around the world, from the Sydney Opera House to Lincoln Center, NYC to a 15th-century cathedral in Paris. Additional "13 Most Beautiful" shows are now booked into 2011, with dates in Bilbao, London, Dresden, Mulhouse, Saint Brieuc, Paris, Indianapolis, Cleveland and New York.

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DEAN & BRITA will perform "13 Most Beautiful" at the Barbican in London on 30th July.

DEAN & BRITA are Dean Wareham and Britta Philips, both former members of LUNA. Wareham formed LUNA in 1992 after leaving his first band, GALAXIE 500. Phillips joined LUNA in 2000, replacing bassist Justin Harwood. They released their first album "L'Avventura" as DEAN & BRITA in 2003 followed by two soundtracks to the films "The Squid and the Whale" (2005) and "Margot and the Wedding" (2007) and the album "Back Numbers" (2007).
  author: HAMISH DAVEY WRIGHT 26 May 2010