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WEDDING PRESENT, THE  : Locked Down And Stripped BackDIRECT HITS  : The Broadway Recording SessionsMOUSE ON MARS  : AAIHUDSON, NICK  : There Is No Such Thing As YouARSENIC TEA PARTY  : The really Not Good Times EPMANNTRA  : Barren KingELEPHANT9  : Arrival Of The New EldersFIRE!  : DefeatBLACK, FRANK  : OddballsBLACK, FRANK  : The Cult Of RayDAMN VANDALS  : You Me The Devil and the SunshineANTLERED AUNTLORD  : Daniel Johnston CoversCAMERA  : ProsthumanPARA LIA  : Gone With The FlowREAD, GILES  : Stories from the LockdownSHEA, RICK  : Love & DesperationMODESTY BLAISE  : Girls Just Wanna DanceMULTIBIRD  : Seth Faergolzia's MultibirdLASTIGBAND  : GoldfingerTELESCOPES, THE  : Songs Of Love And RevolutionGOULD, ZEB  : Destroyer DeliverLUCERO  : When You Found MeLODGER, THE  : Cul-De-Sac of LoveCOWGIRL  : CarolineWALKING PAPERS  : The Light BelowOH-OK  : The Complete Re-IssueARALUEN  : And There It IsTV SMITH  : Lockdown HolidayCADE, JACK  : The Death Throes of a Jaded EmpireMILLANTA, GIULIA  : Tomorrow Is A BirdSPEHAR, GERRY  : Lady Liberty EPDISCO ZOMBIES  : South London StinksVON DE SCHULENBURG  : Moods And DancesSTORM SEEKER  : Guns Don't CrySPAM JAVELIN  : The Three Chords Of The ApocalypseMOONSHINE BOOZE  : PandemonioBLAKE, RUTH  : Brave ShipsARROWS TO FIRE  : A Million Miles AwayCOUGHLAN, CATHAL  : Song Of Co-AklanLAUBE, ANNA ELIZABETH  : AnnamariaPEACH & QUIET  : Just Beyond the ShineRUNDLE, EMMA RUTH & THOU  : Isolation (EP)OF1000FACES  : Infinity lineGARRISON HAWK  : The AdrenalineDANIEL TAKES A TRAIN  : Last Ticket To TangoI LIKE TRAINS  : KompromatVLIMMER  : XIIIIIIIIFRISCHAUF, CONNY  : Die DriftLARRY MULLINS + MIKE WATT  : "1970" (Parts One + Two)JOE NORMAL & THE ANYTOWN'RS  : Stuck In A Job
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