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Listen: 'Dark Vacay' by Cigarettes After Sex
18 April 2024

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Cigarettes After Sex are pleased to share the second track, "Dark Vacay" from their forthcoming album, X’s. X’s is released on 12th July and was announced last month alongside a huge world tour that now includes two dates at London’s O2 Arena.

Filled with raw, imagistic vignettes set to entrancing, slow-burn pop songs, bandleader Greg Gonzalez captures every emotion a romantic arc inspires. The track conflates hedonistic European tour memories - running around Prague, giddy and punch drunk - with his more recent experiences unravelling in close quarters on the road with an ex-love. He goes on to explain, “This song is about a romance I had a few years ago. We went on tour together & were lucky enough to go to all these wonderful places, mostly having fun at first. As the tour continued though, everything started falling apart & we ended up breaking up by the end of it. I was left wishing that we were somehow able to see all of the beauty around us before it was too late..."

Since the release of the new album’s announcement track “Tejano Blue,” and the corresponding global arena tour, Cigarettes After Sex have quickly racked up over 20 million plays of the single. They are currently the #250 most-streamed artist in the world on Spotify, with a staggering reach of over 25 million monthly listeners. The tour is off to a tremendous start with sellouts in London, Warsaw, Sydney, Athens, Brussels, Lyon, Cape Town and more. Over 400K tickets have been sold internationally thus far and demand saw them adding extra shows in LA, London, Athens, Melbourne, and Sydney.

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With ‘X’s’, Cigarettes After Sex finally takes centre stage as not just one of today’s preeminent indie bands, but as one of the most globally accomplished acts across any genre, whose often unconventional path to superstardom has helped reshape the very definition of success for artists in the modern era.

Listen to 'Dark Vacay' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 18 April 2024