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Watch: 'Let Go' by KMFDM
12 January 2024

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Rising up lean and mean, KMFDM is doin’ it again as they celebrate 40 years of conceptual continuity in grand style! ‘LET GO’ marks their 23rd studio album, with the core line-up of Sascha ‘Käpt’n K’ Konietzko, Lucia Cifarelli, Andy Selway and Andee Blacksugar presenting their signature onslaught of pulse-pounding rhythms, scorching electronics, blistering guitars and vocals full of grit, growl and grind as they address the social, political and cultural ills of a world in perpetual turmoil.

As stylistically diverse as ever, the group continue to bridge the gaps between genres, coalescing into what we know and love as the Ultra Heavy Beat! “Never let them know your next move,” states the Käpt’n, laying down the band’s primary philosophy on this new record, commanding listeners to let go of precept and pretence, hold on tight, leave their worries behind and simply get ready to rock!

From the driving techno, dance and funk infused thrust of the album's title track opener and first single, to the airily melodic and swirling vibes of ‘AIRHEAD’ and ‘TOUCH’, the grooving revolutionary oratory and percolating spaghetti western guitar and glitch-laden synth leads of ‘TURN THE LIGHT ON’, to the sneering and seething riot grrl fury of ‘WHEN THE BELL TOLLS’, the sinister hip-hop injected ‘NEXT MOVE’, right through to the downright cinematic and Teutonic electro of ‘ERLKÖNIG’ and the virulent dub warcry of ‘WW 2023’, KMFDM continues to break down barriers and immerse audiences in a bold new reality.

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Konietzko and Cifarelli prove as vicious a team as ever, sharing vocal and lyrical duties equally, while longtime associate MC Ocelot also appears, giving ‘NEXT MOVE’ an extra touch of raucous rap energy. Meanwhile, Blacksugar’s prowess on six-strings continues to awe and astound, backed by Selway’s dynamic drumming that meshes perfectly with Konietzko’s masterful programming.

Mixed and mastered by Benjamin Lawrenz, ‘LET GO’ signals KMFDM’s 40th anniversary loudly and proudly, with Aidan ‘BRUTE’ Hughes’ distinctive cover artwork mirroring the album’s breakneck power. After four decades, the Ultra Heavy Beat simply refuses to rest in pity and regret, raising a sharpened middle finger to a world in chaos.

Watch 'Let Go' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 12 January 2024