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Watch: 2 new videos by The Miserable Rich
08 January 2024

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A new year, a new dawn for THE MISERABLE RICH. With their first album in over 13 years on the near horizon, the Brighton indie/orchestral collective today reveal an AA-side single comprising two new tracks due to appear on it.

“Quietly” and “We All Know” showcase two different sides of the upcoming record ‘Overcome’ (out 2 Feb), and arrive with official videos by James Kendall and James de Malplaquet, respectively.

Watch 'Quietly' here:

With the band correctly describing “Quietly” as “a little pocket rocket”, it’s a song whose sparse and starry acoustic guitar beginnings soon erupt into a vibrant display of cascading violins sections, ebullient percussion, and stirring guest vocals courtesy of Jennifer Left.

Arriving as the result of Jim Briffett initially trying to write a “happy tune” for the new Miserable Rich album, the emergent track is instead one of human resolve in the face of adversity; a recurrent theme on their latest outing ‘Overcome’. As James de Malplaquet explains:

“I was writing about Sarah and I – but clearly everyone has been through a challenging time over the last few years and the themes do seem like they might resonate. I think it’s actually quite a traditionally British sensibility – but I am quite sure there are people everywhere just going about their business despite the heartache they carry.”

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On the flipside is another ‘Overcome’ highlight, the majestic ‘We All Know’. Written by the band’s Will Calderbank and James de Malplaquet with guest backing vocals from Bex Fidler, it’s a simmering, slow-burner that shines bright amidst these long nocturnal hours of Winter. Growing from spacious piano motifs, ticking percussion, and celestial arrangements, it’s a song that also leaves plenty of room for intimate reflections on our shared human experiences. As James elaborates:

“This was an early one of Will’s. I remember after the first rehearsal, crowd-sourcing things we all experience for the lyrics. Little did I know a global pandemic would appear and add quite a few new things to the list. The video was shot at the school I work at. Mostly around the Swedish Christmas celebrations for Lucia, which I have always thought are lovely but also quite creepy.”

Watch 'We All Know' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 08 January 2024