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Listen: 'Tide' by Sister Envy
19 April 2024

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Sister Envy return with their second single ‘Tide’ on the 10th of May to coincide with their debut appearance at Focus Wales. The follow up to their warmly received debut single ‘Mourning Sickness’, the cinematic psychedelia of ‘Tide’, grows from enveloping heart on the sleeve melodies, decorated in a carousel of psych tinged guitars into a sprawling epic anthem.

‘I’ll be the one to saves you’ promises Joliffe in a track that’s woozy, romantic, mysterious yet with a sting in the tail. Gradually swelling into a fuzz laden chorus that has elements of the shoegaze anthems of Ride. Verve or the grungy gaze of early Smashing Pumpkins. It's another fascinating glimpse of Sister’s Envy’s sonic arsenal and world of intrigue and ambition that looks at the horizon beyond their North Walian homes.

Vocalist and guitarist, Kameron Jolliffe says: "Tide is the first song we recorded together as a band, i wrote it whilst severely hungover one sunny afternoon, it was one of those days where the moon was visible.. I wrote it about someone I used to see, a toxic relationship that still pulls you in just to inevitably throw you back."

Sister Envy hail from the North Wales coast, a place of mystery, harshness, and beauty, a place where opportunity is blocked for younger people yet dreams can break through. It’s here that Sister Envy met at college, this fast-emerging Alternative Psychedelic rock quartet are a brand new signing to North Wales label Yr Wyddfa Records Snowdonia(home to Holy Coves).

Sister Envy have been busy honing their sound in the studio with Welsh producers Owain Ginsberg (Hippies Vs Ghosts) & Scott Marsden (Holy Coves) over recent months getting ready for the release of a trio of initial tracks.

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Their initial three singles were recorded in Liverpool at the famous Motor Museum Studio with Ben Harper. Mixed in France by Welsh legend Owain Ginsberg and mastered in Austin Texas by American producer Erik Wofford (The Black Angels). Over the next twelve months, Sister Envy will invite you into their fascinating world over a series of singles releases and shows including a debut performance at Focus Wales in May. Gradually revealing the different faces of their tapestry of sound and fledgling experience.

Listen to 'Tide' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 19 April 2024