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Watch: 'Old Friend' by Flypaper
08 April 2024

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London based flypaper, the project of singer-songwriter Rory Sear, is back with his second EP another orbit, following last year’s acclaimed debut EP big nada. another orbit find Sear retaining the melodic sensibilities shown in his work as frontman and chief songwriter of Brighton indie combo Beachtape, coupling them with a gentler soundscape, taking inspiration from the likes of Elliott Smith and Randy Newman, while opting to strip things down and record and produce it all himself.

The resulting EP is a revelation, showcasing Sears rising stock as a songwriter while firmly establishing flypaper as one to watch with a debut album due out in 2025.

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The EP's out May 10th, and as a taster, we have 'Old Friend', which you can watch the video for here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 08 April 2024