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Watch: 'Where Are You?' by The Chameleons
30 May 2024

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The Chameleons released an EP entitled ‘Where Are You?’ last Friday (24th May), which contains the first brand new music by the Manchester-formed post-punk legends for 23 years. They have today issued a video for its hard-charging title track, which has been directed by Martin Swinney at Periscope.

“The band was scattered to the four winds at the time, so a more traditional form of video was out of the question given the time frame,” states vocalist/bassist and band co-founder Mark Burgess. “We therefore went with a more abstract collage and tried to convey the compulsion many of us have to search through life for the things that we feel define us, in this case true love, or moments of connection to each other, or elements that hint at a deeper reality. ‘Where Are You?’ is the ‘you’ that punctuates meaning in my life."

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Watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 30 May 2024