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Watch: 'Work' by Emily Breeze
26 August 2019

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The third single from forthcoming Emily Breeze album Rituals (Out September 6th) is a shimmering indie pop anthem entitled “Work”. The glossy sonic exterior and radio friendly chorus act as a foil for the ice cold cynicism and pitch black humour of the lyrics which were inspired by Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) and Emily’s own experiences of hauling herself out of bed every morning to make a pointless profit for somebody else.

The video for the single re-enacts the American Psycho “Hip To Be Square” scene with axe-wielding Emily taking the place of Patrick Bateman. The refrain ‘I’m dead inside’ repeats amidst washed out guitar noise as we’re left with Emily covered in blood, her victim laid out on the floor.

Watch 'Work' here:

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  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 26 August 2019