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Watch: 'Still Life' by Marjana Semkina
17 February 2020

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Friday 14th February saw the release of Marjana Semkina’s mesmerising debut solo album 'Sleepwalking'.

With the long-awaited release date finally here Marjana reveals what the creation and release of Sleepwalking means to her “I never thought I’d be able to muster the courage to actually make a solo album. It's a big step for me and it's an important personal achievement because this means I managed to get over a lot of doubts and insecurities. They never quite went away but I don't let them command my actions anymore, and I’m pretty proud because it took years of work for me to get here. I'm glad I have the platform to talk openly through music about things and feelings that were buried deep for years and I’m glad that so far, the scene has been very welcoming and accepting of what I have to say. Let's hope it'll continue developing in this direction. It's also my first project that was funded through Patreon so this album us a tribute to all the freedoms that i have in my life because i have the support of my listeners. “

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To promote the album’s release Marjana has premiered a new video for the track “Still Life” which features Jordan Rudess as guest performer. Marjana explains the song’s deeply personal meaning “’Still Life’ was one of the last songs I’d written for the album. It's a reflection on always being away from home and your loved ones and never feeling quite content because you're never really where you want to be, with who you want to be, there's always something missing. This song is a very personal one because it's a dedication to someone.”

Watch the video for 'Still Life' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 17 February 2020