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Watch: 'Waiting For Sorrow' by Caesar Spencer
30 June 2022

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CAESAR SPENCER has announced the Autumn release of his new album: ‘Get Out Into Yourself’. Primed for release on the 4th November 2022 (via New Radio Records), it will present 11 tracks of cinematic baroque-pop and classical songwriting imbued with a warm feeling of familiarity while also defying easy categorisation.

In anticipation of the release, Caesar is pleased to present its lead single: “Waiting for Sorrow” with an official video, which is available to view now here:

With its lush production and a loquacious lyrical style laid-down by Caesar’s rich, earthy baritone, “Waiting for Sorrow” is a swelling and heartfelt tribute to the acclaimed Irish playwright Samuel Beckett (“Waiting for Godot”) who, like Caesar Spencer, was also a Paris resident for much of his adult life. As in the play, “Waiting for Sorrow” explores the symbiotic (or even solipsistic) nature of relationships. This is a key concept which is further developed throughout the rest of the album.

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From the radio static that welcomes the listener in, to its ricocheting rhythm sections and its soaring guitar break; “Waiting for Sorrow” is at once billowingly epic in its delivery, smoulderingly suave in its stylistics and brightly effervescent in its ambitions. Providing the single with a certain vintage panache, Jacqueline Taïeb, an artist who very much embodies the French yé-yé spirit of the 60s, also offers her inimitable vocals to the recording.
  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 30 June 2022