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Watch: 'Haunted Houses' by False Heads
19 August 2022

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Today, FALSE HEADS return with the scintillating and spooky new single: “Haunted Houses”, featuring Frank Turner.

eaturing punk icon Frank Turner on guitar and vocals, the eerie new track comes as another glimpse into rising rock trio False Heads’ long-awaited second album ‘Sick Moon’.

Sure to send a shudder down your spine and enough to have you peeking behind your curtains, new single “Haunted Houses” arrives as a booming indie-inspired anthem with a barbed and fuzzy underbelly. Overflowing with frenetic layers of noise and spooky, seesawing instrumentals, it’s a track that ramps up the anxiety with an unchained and anthemic velocity.

A track that’s ultimately about those horrors that lurk in plain sight, as opposed to anything too otherworldly, frontman Luke Griffiths explains of the song:

“”Haunted Houses” is about living with your own mental health problems and all the different versions of yourself that you have to cohabit with, only to then have to deal with the rest of the world too. I don’t believe in the supernatural and there is definitely no god. Yet most of our species focus on religion or the supernatural because they can’t deal with themselves.”

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“But I think you watch the show of your life in the front row seats. You’re born into a Haunted House and you live with the ghosts of your own life.”

With chugging guitars that rumble like a ghost train running off its tracks, riffs that shudder like a broken floorboard under foot and soaring hooks that wouldn’t be out of place in the opening moments of a horror film, the prickly new track builds to an explosive punk-tinged climax. A jagged fourth sample of False Heads’ forthcoming second album, it arrives hot on the heels of earlier singles “Thick Skin”, “Day Glow” and “Mime The End”.

Watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 19 August 2022