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Watch: 'Cannons' by Dim Gray
04 September 2022

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Norwegian art rock trio Dim Gray have released their new album, ‘Firmament’, today and play a UK launch show for it tonight as the special guests of Big Big Train. They have also made a video available for a song from the record entitled ‘Cannons’. Written around its central guitar motif, they describe the track as “having a melancholy vibe that we found interesting. We experimented with mandolins, strings and percussion as we tried to expand its sound while maintaining the feel. The lyric is about being trapped in a state of limbo and awaiting an escape from the ordinary.”

Following a set of lyric videos for three songs already made available from ‘Firmament', the group hooked up with award-winning photographer Anne-Marie Forker to shoot what is their first ever fully realised music video. Explaining the conceptual black and white clip, they state that “Mats Svalebjørg is one of Norway's best magicians and was eager to join us, becoming an essential part of the process. Being brand new to videos, we figured that this was the perfect opportunity for us to tell a story that was playful and funny, while still capturing the essence of the song."

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Presenting twelve vivid, direct and melody-driven songs, ‘Firmament' is bursting with life and colour and leads listeners through an intricate recipe of lush electronics, strings-infused chamber pop, evocative indie-folk and grandiose art rock. An ambitious artistic statement, the album will appeal to fans of artists such as Radiohead, Steven Wilson, Beach Boys and Agnes Obel.

As a taster, watch the video for 'Cannons' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 04 September 2022